Asian Echo – Forests (Singapore)


Kicking off the 2019 new year with the release of ‘Spending Eternity In A Japanese Convenience Store’, the second full-length album following their debut in 2017, Singaporean indie rock trio Forests is rolling back into Asian cities again with their 2019 tour!

It has been 3 years since their last Japan tour in 2016. This June, Forests will be touring with five shows in four different cities including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Osaka, and Tokyo, and wrapping up the tour with a homecoming gig back in Singapore.

Networking via Singaporean music forum site – S.O.F.T. (SOFT – Music in Singapore), the making of Forests was inspired by the Irish indie rock trio Two Door Cinema Club as they started forming the band in mid-2014. The three Forests members were having a break from other established band projects i.e. Darell Laser – frontman/bassist was the bassist for post-hardcore band ALLEGIANCE SG; guitarist Adam Jared Lee – was in a metalcore band called Monsters In Living Flesh; and drummer Niki Koh was on the percussion for progressive rock group Bear Culture. Though they never position their genre as emo from the start, the three-piece band has gradually risen as one of the cult favourites taking over the local independent music scene.

Packed with more influences – especially the touch of mumble-rap, the nine-track new album offers further experimentation of combinations of emo and math-pop Forests’ fans familiar with since they introduced their 2017’s ‘Sun Eat Moon Grave Party’ to the world.

Listen to ‘Kawaii Hawaii’ by Forests here:

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