Philipp Grefer

Philipp Grefer – Founder of WISE, Beijing

Philipp Grefer has been reporting on and working in the Chinese music industry since he first visited Beijing’s Midi Festival in 2007.

In 2008, he co-founded FakeMusicMedia – a 360 degree music label & creative agency in Beijing, which has brought over 200 international acts to China / Asia (e.g. Royksopp, Hot Chip, Daddy G. of Massive Attack, Die Toten Hosen, etc.); built up a management roster of some of the best Chinese Talent (NOVA HEART, THE HORMONES荷尔蒙小姐, LI XIAOYUN 李霄云 & SHAO); and has been working with and provided consulting services for a broad range of government and cultural institutions and brands.

His experience in the music business and his interest in other creative industries as well as the fast rising Chinese tech sector led him to initiate various conference formats between Berlin and Beijing. The latest one, WISE, serves as a Future Think Tank connecting thinkers and doers from various industries. In its second edition in May 2019 at UCCA – Beijing’s premier contemporary art institution, WISE attracted 1,200 participants across the conference and showcase activities – the latter being sponsored by the Reeperbahn Festival – one of Europe’s largest music industry gatherings.
Philipp is a sought after speaker on various topics of the Chinese Music & Tech Industries at conferences around the world, and is quoted widely in international media. He is the author of The Roadmap to China (Music Norway) and the representative for International Music Manager Forum (IMMF) in Beijing. He also DJs and is especially interested what impact AI will have on the future of the arts as well as humanity.

Before concentrating on China, Philipp already held various positions in the European music business as well as worked as a freelance journalist for continental Europe’s largest broadcaster – WDR, among others.
Philipp studied International Relations and Economics in Cologne and San Diego, where he wrote his Master Thesis on “The De-Regulation of the North American Telecommunications Sector with Focus on Mexico” and had the pleasure to intern with then the highest ranking US Diplomat – Jeffrey Davidow. He holds an MA/Diploma from the University of Cologne.

Currently he is based between Beijing and Berlin and tries to practice his Spanish wherever he can.

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