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Taipei, Taiwan

The team members have more than 20 years of travel background, production and government resources and media marketing capabilities, and the team music director has a good Southeast Asian network and resources. Established in 2017, “Atrip” is based on the concept of “Travel”. It is considered that each field and cross-disciplinary interaction is like a journey to spread out five cores: travel travel, life life, music music, activities. Event, viewpoint view. The goal is to use Taiwan as a base to conduct diverse and integrated exchanges between Taiwan and different countries.

Groundbreaking performance:

  1. Introducing Southeast Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean professional KOL (Internet opinion leader) and professional Internet reds to Taiwan to promote sightseeing, resulting in a tourism boom in Southeast Asia.
  2. Establish a team of Southeast Asian KOL opinion leaders with musicians as the core and photographers and directors, travel writers, models, illustrators, historical researchers, TV presenters and film actors.
  3. Undertaking the “chain war” of Asia’s largest blockchain forum, with a transaction volume of RMB 60 million.
  4. For the first time, a cultural tourism office was set up in the Philippines with civil power to conduct industry-university-related cooperation.

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