Yang Yu – Midi Festival

Head of International Department of Midi Festival

Beijing, China

  • Yang Yu is the booker for international artists, Head of International Department and manager of international collaborations at Midi Festival/Beijing Midi Productions Co. LTD. in China.  He helps international bands in touring matters and collaborates with other festivals.  He works on building partnerships between Midi Festival and opponents of other countries and conduct exchange programs on artists and collaborations.  Besides Midi Festival, he is also the co-founder of the concert promoter Painkiller Productions/PK Music for club shows and touring based in major cities of China, and co-founder of Mumaland Music Festival in Zhuhai.  Yang Yu is generally strongly engaged in international culture exchange not only welcoming international artists to China but also helping Chinese artists to go aboard and perform overseas.  Yang Yu is keen to reach out to industry professionals to exchange ideas and knowledge and communicate on thoughts of how to make the world smaller and easier for music enthusiasts like himself. 
  • Yang Yu stepped into the music industry in 1992 when he started his own underground music magazine which soon resulted into the setup of later famous AFM Records.  In 1996, he returned back to China and continued his work behind the scene (website/layout designer, CD distribution) until 1999 when he co-founded Painkiller magazine in Beijing.  His Painkiller team soon got more involved in the live music section and became one of the earliest rock promoters working with international big names.  Meanwhile, Yang Yu co-founded Rockinchina.com – once the biggest English database about Chinese rock music until it was discontinued due to malicious hacker attacks.  Within the last decade, the Painkiller team helped various Chinese festivals in stage production and artist booking (incl. Midi Festival, Modern Sky Festival, InMusic, Kama Love Festival, etc.).  In 2011, Yang Yu officially joined Midi Festival as head of international collaboration til today.

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