Tan Peng Sing – National University of Singapore

TA and Researcher at the National University of Singapore / Guitarist of M1LDL1FE


  • Peng Sing is a teaching assistant and researcher with the National University of Singapore’s Sociology Department.  His research interests include the commercialization of Singapore’s music scene, the changing role of labels in contemporary music scenes, and cultural production in late capitalism. 
  • Outside of the university, Peng Sing is the founder of Invasion Singapore’s label arm.  Working closely with the Invasion Singapore team, they’ve built a strong ecosystem of music distribution, events, and youth festivals that support Singapore’s burgeoning music scene.  
  • And if that’s not enough, he also plays guitar for M1LDL1FE, one of Singapore’s top indie acts.  To date, they’ve played in various parts of China, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, and are regular headliners for music festivals in Singapore.

Related links: nus.edu.sg, https://www.m1ldl1fe.com, https://www.facebook.com/M1LDL1FE/


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