Shen Xiaodong – Mentha & Partners

Co-founder of Mentha & Partners

Paris, France

  • SHEN Xiaodong, currently based in Paris, set foot in the music business world by bringing new and exciting Chinese talents to Europe (to name a few: Re-Tros, Duck Fight Goose, Wang Wen…)
  • While keeping on working on Asian acts for their European shows, he launched his touring agency – ‘Mentha & Partners’, providing Asian representations for international artists.  With more than 100 shows booked per year in major music festivals and reputable venues and clubs across Asia, his agency now takes care of more than 20 international artists in Asia. 
  • As a promoter in mainland China, he has also done – with his associates – multiple tours in mainland China with local partners.
  • Apart from his expertise in live music touring and production, he’s also involved in the French Miracle Tour – a newly created project that brings young and fresh French artists to Asia in order to develop further the artists in the region.

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