Ryuji Noda – Music from Okinawa

Director and Producer of Music from Okinawa

Okinawa, Japan

  • Ryuji Noda is the Director and Producer of Music from Okinawa and a founding member of Sakurazaka Theatre in Okinawa Japan.  For 25 years, Noda has invited many world music artists to Okinawa and organized numerous live concerts including artists such as Tete (France), Taraf de Haidouks(Rumania), HANGGAI (Inner Mongolia), BKO QUINTET(Mali) and so on.  
  • Apart from producing an annual music festival named “Sakurazaka ASYLUM”, he also owns music labels with a goal to introduce Okinawan music with plans to collaborate with artists all over Asia.  In 2016, he started “Trans Asia Music Meeting” as a new model of music exhibition in Okinawa and currently works on promoting Okinawan music to overseas and building a music network with other Asian countries.  
  • Lastly, he is a member of Musiconnect Asia and Global Music Market Network.

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