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  • Peter Åstedt has been working in the music industry for over 30 years.  He started his own record label, Dead Frog Records, at the age of fifteen in 1990.  Over the years he has started several companies in different fields in the music industry like PR, Publishing, Distribution, Sync placements, Management, Festivals, and Artist Development.  Today he oversees several of the departments at Musichelp which is an umbrella company of several different companies in the music industry.
  • Musichelp works with different export initiatives and has stages around the world on different showcase festivals.  They also partly own Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festival – Live at Heart, which they do some of the international booking and conference.
  • Peter was a board member of SOM (Swedish independent music producers – the Swedish version of AIM (UK) and A2IM (USA)) for 15 years.  He has also been president of Sinderella (Swedish independent record labels association) for 6 years and board member of Mbin (Music business independent network) for 5 years.  Musichelp is also a member of the Swedish publishers (Musikförläggarna).
  • Over the years, Peter has spoken and been on panels at several international music conferences; been involved in structuring cities to become music cities; worked on songs with over a billion combined streams on Spotify alone; started a new showcase festival company called Discover Sensation in 2019; and writes the popular music blog –

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