Orbis Fu – OB Promotion House

Owner of OB Promotion House

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Orbis Fu is founder of The Wall Music (2005), one of the most prominent venue in Taipei (capacity: 600), which also operates as a nightclub called “Korner”.  The venue is well known not only for cultivating the local music scene, but also for having hosted many international artists.
  • He has organized some of the most successful festivals in Taiwan (T-Fest, Megaport, Formoz, etc.) that included several outdoor stages with over one hundred local and international artists (The xx, Suede, etc.).
  • He also built an artists management record label company called Uloud, which represents some of the best indie music artists from Taiwan, making it one of the key players in the indie music scene of the country.
  • With his company, OB Promotion House, he is building a network for cultural exchange, supporting Asian artists touring and development all over Asia.
  • “OB Promotion House” is acting as a consultancy company for many different clients and is involved in a variety of projects in Asia, while always searching for new possibilities within Asian music and culture.

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