Ming Lo – Wind Music and World Music Festival Taiwan

International Department Manager of Wind Music and World Music Festival Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Ming Lo is the head of the international department at Wind Music, a label based in New Taipei City, Taiwan.  She has has been working in the music business for more than 15 years. 
  • Wind Music, a musical icon in Taiwan founded in 1988, is a Grammy Award nominated, leading independent music label.  Wind Music promotes and executes a number of events and concerts in different cities in Taiwan; such as Forest Music Markets (FB : 2019forest), World Music Festival@Taiwan (wmftaiwan.com), Wind Kids Music Concerts (FB : Wind Kids), etc.      
  • Ming Lo invited and coordinated numerous talented artists and musicians from Europe and the USA to Taiwan to have concerts and workshops in last ten years.  She is also a richly experienced project executor, has been involved more than hundred album licensing projects which licensed from North Asia, Europe, North and South America, introduced them into Wind Music’s Chinese speaking markets.  In recent years, she focuses in finding talented Asian music bands, musicians and composers.  She acts as a bridge to promote and introduce outstanding records and musicians between Chinese speaking markets and the world.  

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