Krit ‘Aom’ Promjairux – Wildest Youth

Co-founder of Wildest Youth

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Krit Promjairux or Aom is the co-founder of Wildest Youth, an independent music promoter circa 2016 and co-director of Speakerbox since June 2019.  He is also the songwriter and front-man of punk rock band ‘Pistols99’.  Now at the age of 27, Aom formed his first band at the age of 15, began putting on punk shows at the age of 16, and  has been putting on events in Bangkok ever since. 
  • Founding a promoting organization named Wildest Youth with his childhood friend in 2016 – Wildest youth have put on a huge amount of events since its founding – organizing events for artists in the local scene as well as bringing a number international artists with some known names such as METZ, Movements and Tiger Magic to Thailand, and more recently being behind ‘Pink Cloud Festival’ – an international alternative art & music festival, which featured Dune Rats, Hockey Dad, Turnover and many more known names. 
  • Wildest Youth continues to grow, with plans for the next Pink Cloud Festival, and continuing to promote events and bring more artists to Thailand and Southeast Asia, ultimately aiming to both develop the following of the local music scene and increase the draw for artists all over the world of all popularities to come perform in Thailand.
  • Wildest Youth has recently registered as a label, signing Death Of Heather – an up and coming Bangkok based Shoegaze/Dream-Pop band.

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