John Huang – Atrip / WWWWWTAPES / The UU mouth

Marketing director of Atrip / Co-founder of WWWWWTAPES / Event Manager of The UU Mouth

Taipei, Taiwan

  • John Huang is the Marketing Director of Atrip (d.b.a. Rikka Trading company limited).  He has created a new wave of Southeast Asian tourists to come to Taiwan by cooperating with musicians and photographers by developing and creating a cooperation that works in the fields of Travel, Music, Life, Events and Views.
  • He is also the Executive Director of the Chinese International Industry Development Association, which has set up branches in the Philippines and implemented cross-border enterprise-government-university cooperations.
  • Thirdly, he is the co-founder of WWWWWTAPES studio that promotes Southeast Asian indie music to Taiwan and manages publishing, tours and crossover cooperations. And they made a special collaboration which WWWWWTAPES have their own program in every hours to play those indie music they picked over 1400 Taiwan convenience stores.
  • And he is the writer/editor of The Hub News and managing the music column. It’s a media platform which collects lots of famous Taiwan reporters and their articles. Many mainstream media come to ask for authorized to reprint from here.
  • Lastly, he is the planning manager of The UU Mouth(South Co., Ltd.). It’s a new venue which located on downtown Taipei. Not just music gigs, but also have Fixed performances of musicals, co-working spaces. Now he is managing exhibition, pop-up market and more crossover ideas around the venue.

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