Giacherie Tipik –

President & Founder of

Kuching, Malaysia

Initially founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing Sarawak music ecosystem to a greater heights. With knowledge and education in Architecture and also Engineering, he lead the team as the president solely based on his past experience as a musician since his teenage years as well as his network in the local scene paired with his knowledge and also involvement in doing outreach programme for more than 5 years under the wings of an NGO which is instrumental to the State as a Think-Tank organisation.

He was the first Head of Operations for the first Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs Township under the federal project in the state, works with government link agencies, broadcasting, private event and marketing agencies and now, he is running as an NPO in building the creative industry through various different platforms.

In 2019, Giacherie was invited to represent Malaysia as a panelist in Music Cities Convention Chengdu, China and Music Cities Connection in Seoul, Korea both by Sound Diplomacy (UK). He have recently being named as one of the ‘Successful People in Malaysia’ by the British Publishing House on its 3rd Edition.

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