Galina Metelskaya – Wild Mint Festival

International Relations for JGroup Ltd.

International Booking for Wild Mint Festival

Moscow, Russia

  • Galina Metelskaya represents the international relations department of JGroup Ltd., a concert and management company based in Moscow, Russia. The company promotes a number of festivals and concerts in Moscow and other Russian cities, but its main project is Wild Mint Festival. Galina is also responsible for international booking with the company.
  • Wild Mint Festival is an independent music festival held 130km from Moscow. 2021 will see the festival’s 13th edition. Wild Mint started in 2008 as a small ethno-folk festival with free admission, and has grown bigger each year, becoming one of the three largest out-of-town festivals in Russia. Wild Mint represents a wide range of music genres such as rock, indie, electronic, folk and is known for being very comfortable and family friendly.
  • Wild Mint Festival is founded and run by JGroup Ltd., a concert agency which has recently launched Mint Music Artists, its artist management branch.

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