Evan Murray – Live At Heart​ Newfoundland

Export Product Development – Live At Heart Newfoundland/Wonderwall Media

Burin, Canada

Current Credentials
  • Export Product Development – Vision 360 for proposed Live At Heart NL 
  • Canadian Music Coordinator – Live At Heart (Sweden) liveatheart.se 
  • International Consultant – Wonderwall Media (India) https://www.wonderwall.media/ 
  • Business Consultant – Design Port International (Hong Kong/Taipei/Guangzhou/Shanghai) 
  • Accomplished musician: singer, songwriter, guitarist and session drummer with twenty plus years in the music industry; had his own recording studio and produced records for his band and other performers. 

As Festival Director and coordinator for Canadian Government funded Music Business Conference Live at Heart Newfoundland, in 2018, Evan began the country’s first collaboration with Orebro Swedent developed and implementing plans funded by the Federal government of Canada. Evan coordinated 16 artists from across Canada to showcase in Sweden.15 of those artists were funded by the Canadian Government.

The following year, Evan booked seven artists from places as diverse as India, Germany, USA and UK into the world’s biggest festival, Summerfest.

Subsequently, through Evan’s established global network, he has helped artists from around the world gain successful opportunities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Along the way, always willing to support and help artists and music industry companies in their endeavors.

Working with Canadian rock band Arcana Kings in 2019, Evan booked their tour into South Korea, Japan, and they were to be the very first Canadian band to perform at the Golden Melody Awards Showcase in Taiwan.


Taiwan is Evan’s Asian hub, having lived there on and off for the past two years. He is firmly integrated amongst Taiwan’s independent and government music industry, recently becoming involved in helping TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content) publish a document for a Music Business Manager Training Course in August of 2020. In October of 2020, Evan will host a workshop with Taiwan Beats, a government funded office, to teach musicians about how to build marketing tools for the international market places, and the importance of them.

Recently, Evan has helped Korean government office KOCCA gain access into India’s entertainment journalism and music industry. As well as brokering a major deal between South Korean SBS Media, ASIA SONG FESTIVAL, and Wonderwall Media.


Besides Canada, Sweden, and Taiwan, over the past four years, Evan has created a very unique place for himself in the Southern state of Kerala, in India, as an international consultant for mega TV and Festival producer/Artist Management company Wonderwall Media. His first encounter was as a musician himself, then as a booker, booking acts from the UK and Sweden, and then as a consultant. Helping to bring the Wonderwall Media team into the international spotlight, by creating opportunities and curating business relationships.


In 2018 and 2019 Evan attended conferences and showcases in many countries. Golden Melody Awards Taiwan, Mondo Music New York, TIMM in Tokyo, Bangkok Music City, Music Export Ukraine in Kyiv, Live At Heart in Orebro, Sweden etc.

Evan is deeply passionate about Music Business education, and sharing insight and knowledge with government agencies and private companies around the world, from his own successful independent 20 year career. He’s been an international touring musician, booking agent, music journalist, artist manager, and now federally funded music business conference, and showcase festival coordinator. “

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