Eddie Mellor – Speakerbox

Founder of Speakerbox

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Eddie is the founder of Speakerbox – a small venue located in central Bangkok.
  • Originally from Sheffield, England, Eddie moved to live in Bangkok at the age of 14 and has been involved in supporting the live music scene since the age of 16.  At a young age, he did what he could to help with the organization and promotion of music and sub-culture events.  Since finishing high school in 2008 until now, he has continued to associate most of his time around music – having been involved with local scenes in Southampton, Melbourne, Brighton and of course, Bangkok.
  • In early 2016, Eddie founded the original Speakerbox – a music venue & bar that existed in the Ratchada Train Market – built inside 4 connected shipping containers and playing host to original music events for various scenes existing in Bangkok.  This location came to a sudden and unwanted close in 2017.  Spending a little more than a year working in music events in Brighton, UK, Eddie returned to Bangkok. And since his return, he has been working closely with Wildest Youth on events, especially Pink Cloud Fest.  And finally, after an enduring 7-month search – reopening Speakerbox at a new and improved location with a fresh and exciting collaboration with Aom of Pistols 99 / Wildest Youth, and Jerry – The Godfather of Speakerbox.
  • Now, with the new Speakerbox up and running, the journey towards achieving a shared vision continues, which is to positively influence/develop Bangkok’s live music scene and put it as an attractive city to gig in for touring bands from all over the world.

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