David Siow – SGMUSO

President of SGMUSO / Bassist of M1LDL1FE


  • David has taken on the role of President – conceptualizing, managing and operating the projects, such as Singapore: Inside Out in Sydney, the Music Matters Academies, Singapore showcases in festivals in Asia such as Golden Melody Awards, Singapore Matters Networking sessions, ASEAN Music Showcase Festival and any export-related programs. He has also produced small scale (200-1,000 pax) Singapore music festivals such as Aliwal Urban Art Festival, Music for a Cause/YouthX, and SGMUSO’s bare. and The Outer Limits. David is currently focused on revamping SGMUSO’s business model with fundraising, skills development, music export, and membership at its core.

Related links: https://www.sgmuso.org, https://www.facebook.com/sgmuso/, https://www.m1ldl1fe.com, https://www.facebook.com/M1LDL1FE/ 

Contact information: david@sgmuso.org

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