Darren Teh – An Honest Mistake / An Honest Mistake Records

Lead vocal & Guitarist of An Honest Mistake / Owner of An Honest Mistake Records

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Darren is the lead singer of Malaysian pop punk band, An Honest Mistake and also runs a record label, An Honest Mistake Records. At present, there are 6 artistes under his label. It’s a relatively small outfit but a growing one. The label is responsible for marketing, promotions, distribution and development.
  • Darren is also a host of a podcast called ‘The Rockstar’s Guide’ on syokcast, a podcast centre owned by the biggest media network, Astro. It’s also in collaboration with the #1 biggest hits radio station in Malaysia, HITZ. He is also a host on online radio show, Aforadio with his show Pop Up Stage and a government funded station, Rakita for his show Lokalah.

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Contact information: darrenahm@gmail.com


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