Zom Marie

Bangkok, Thailand

Zom Marie (Marie ‘Zom’ Eugenie Le Lay) is the coming-of-age artist in Thailand, full of joy and surprises. She is successful as a ‘Youtuber’ with 2.46 million subscribers. She has produced so many trendy videos for the young generation audience. Speaking of ‘mystery box’, everyone will definitely think about how she unboxes the surprises, which is super-duper fun. And this is what attracts and builds her huge fandom.

In the music business, we could say that Zom Marie is the joyful female artist with recognizable crop tops, jeans and pastel necklaces, the combination that was once big in 90’s fashion. With everything combined, it’s a signature of Zom that stands out and catches the eyes of everyone. She’s still doing what she loves and will continue releasing her songs for her fans. Moreover, she continues to be a Youtuber chosen by many brands to enjoyably and casually promote their products. She never disappoints her fans. Her singing, entertaining, and her naturally fun and lively personality make Zom Marie unique and loved by her fans, and she’s still growing in her path that she loves.





Touring Member(s)

  • Pin (Guitar)
  • Tung (Drum)
  • Non (Keyboard)
  • Mai (Bass)
  • Mu (Chorus)



Apple Music, Spotify, Joox, Youtube, Trueid