Zack Tabudlo

Manila, Philippines

Zack Tabudlo is an alt-pop RnB artist from Manila, Philippines. He is also a music producer, a songwriter and a guitarist. He is best known for his singles ‘Stay Here,’ ‘Sa ‘Yo’ (both released in 2018), and ‘Mahal O Biro’ (2019).

Since being a finalist in The Voice Kids in 2014, Zack has collaborated with Singaporean rapper Richard Jansen for his track ‘Walk on Water (Remix)’ (2017) and has he produced and arranged actor Carlo Aquino’s rendition of ‘Balisong (Transformed)’ and Sharlene San Pedro’s singles ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ and ‘Pusong Naliligaw’ (2019).

Going beyond traditional pop music he was known for in the past, Zack infuses music with lyrics to reflect his growth both as a musician and as a teenager. His talent of mixing a balance of new and old techniques in music production as well as his singing prowess makes his tracks versatile and imaginative.




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