Victorian Music Development Office

Victoria, Australia

“The Victorian music industry is a vast and complex network of people, ideas and experiences. We’ve opened up a dialogue with our peers who work within it and identified the places where we can contribute to making the most significant change for them.”

We enable Victoria’s music professionals to broaden their networks overseas and learn from the trends that are driving international markets; undertake business development and training; access resources and services; and learn from ‘experts in residence’ whose experience and points of view are invaluable for our industry. If they require fellowships or funding, we can also link them with opportunities to apply for those resources to help grow their businesses and expand their view of what’s possible.

We’re the Victorian music industry’s professional support system.


“The VMDO provides support directly to the Victorian music industry’s many businesses.”

We are highly aware of the significant economic and cultural value to be found in supporting the music industry, and the businesses within it, and we’re here to make sure that is not taken for granted.

We assist Victoria’s small and micro music businesses in reaching their full potential through research, professional development, and more, ensuring a vibrant, thriving music industry for all to enjoy.

VMDO will focus on five core business priorities:

A. The Future

At the VMDO, we are committed to not only keeping up with innovation within the rapidly changing music industry, but leading the charge.

B. Market Development

The VMDO works to open up pathways into new markets for Victorian music professionals, and increase business activity for these professionals within new territories.

C. Music Business Development

We are constantly investigating the way music industry professionals, and professionals in other industries, work across the globe, adopting the best and most successful practices for the development of the Victorian industry.

D. Music Business Development – First People

It is a priority of the VMDO to ensure that all our programs and the programs of any organisation we work with, are including opportunities for First Peoples.

E. The Support Acts for the Big Names Program

This was a specific election commitment from the Victorian Labor Government, that will be delivered by the VMDO: Support Acts for the Big Names.

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