Bangkok, Thailand


The Republic of Ugoslabier

No, it’s not a country, no it’s not a group of super heroes, no wait they are super heroes who have erupted from Bangkok and taken it by storm. Formed in mid-2011, they grew together as friends and brothers before The Republic broke free. This is the most powerful manifestation and was preceded by a small 3 piece indie band called CATFIGHT with 4 members and a cat.
The original cast of CATFIGHT was Supermon (drums and taxis), Oae (guitar and ladies), Paul (vocals and small dogs) and a hobo from LA named Andy (vocals and any free food he could find). The hobo was arrested and evicted from Thailand when he was caught begging from tourists in MBK.
The remaining dregs had no option (being homeless and bereft of power) to run with their passion for music in hope of one day being able to save the world. Back then Oat (the merciless) decided that he needed some friends and wanted to play with his brother Oae (guitar and ladies) in the band. This coincided with the gods blessing the now quartet with Guz the Destroyer (bass).
The upcoming bastions of old school hardcore united to fight for freedom and became The Republic of Ugoslabier. Hailing from the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok, UG represent the best in post-hardcore old school sound kicking the ass of modern music with passion from their youth.
UG are an underestimated group of young heroes who are ripping it how they like, smashing it every time with their energy and Viagra. Guaranteed to drink more than the entire audience before during and after the show, UG are!

All hail
The Republic of Ugoslabier





Blackat Records


  • Paul – Lead Vocals
  • Aoe – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Oat – Guitar,
  • Kun – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Supermon – Drums