The Rodeo


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The Rodeo is the anagram of Dorothée, a sassy Parisian musician and singer. She discovered music at the age of 15, when she found an acoustic guitar in her uncle’s attic. This magical key opened the door to the most beautiful journeys, both real and imaginary.

After making a name for herself with her first two albums (Music Maelström and La Musica Del Diavolo), recorded all over the world, she returned with a third album, Thérianthropie Paradis, a radical metamorphosis, entirely sung in French ans influenced by the highly orchestrated European pop of the 60s and 70s.

Dorothée Hannequin’s sensual and evocative mother tongue guides her songwriting and voice onto new paths, full of hidden trails and nuances.

She’s now recording a new album and preparing a worldwide tour due to 2021.





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