The Kopycat

Bangkok, Thailand

The Kopycat is an indie pop band which mainly influenced by 50s – 70s music. Our members are Mariah Mu (Mu) – Singer, Pornpipat Maleepun (Pond) – Bassist and Tanid Sintaratana (Ham) – Guitar. It began in 2019 by Mu, after being a chorus singer for many bands (Zommarie, Earth Patravee, Temp., Quicksandbed), had an urge to forming her own band. The first thought was to ask Ham, a guitarist/songwriter who has been involved in various projects (Kanitha, H1F4, Krupleng, Socioparty, Rootsman Creation), to join a project. Since Mu always knows that Ham also sharing the same fondness for old music. Following by inviting Pond, a bassist who is attracted to oldies and blues music. Pond is also a member of Daddy C and Bangkok Mojo band which perform live regularly at Adhere 13th Blues Bar.

After that, the band started to arrange their own favorite songs and post the video clips on social media by using the name ‘The Kopycat’. The name derives from the word ‘Copycat’, but using ‘K’ as the first letter instead. In order to show that we’re not trying to copy anyone, but to recreate new music from old materials. Later, the Kopycat decided to compose their original songs to reflects who they really are through the realm of music.


Indie Pop




  • Mariah Mu (Mu) – Vocal
  • Tanid Sintaratana (Ham) – Guitar
  • Pornpipat Maleepun (Pond) – Bass (+66)61-979-7770 (Mu)