The Bongo Club

Borås, Sweden

Remember when music meant the world? Well, this means more.

Anthemic, immersive, britpop 90s meets today. Music needs meaning. Music must excite you, upset you and make you dream, scream, open your eyes, unite and divide… music needs to mean the world! The Bongo Club have played over 400 shows in more than 20 countries including Japan, UK, Germany, Mexico, USA and obviously, their home turf, Sweden. Everlasting and noodle fed tours has given this energetic and talented band a following of fans pretty much all across Europe.

The label debut album “Anybody Have A Lighter? (2018) had the first single, Seventeen, mixed by legend Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, Kaiser Chiefs) while the second one, Tell Your Friends, made editorial playlists on Spotify and top ten in the radio charts in Austria and Germany.

The band has recently released six-track EP ”Glow” on which the singles have all been successful on radio stations around the globe. The Bongo Club are back with bigger and better sounds that promises something extra for the future!



Anthemic, immersive, britpop 90s indie rock


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