Sonik Philippines

Makati City, Philippines

The year is 2020. A pandemic, an economic slowdown, a wave of social unrest, and even a little political tension all find their way into the world and into the nation. This is not a good year. Or is it?

Masterpieces have a thing for being forged in the fire. Marvel Comics was established in the midst of the Great Depression. Our own national hero’s magnum opus, Noli Me Tangere (and El Filibusterismo), was written during Spanish colonial rule. New art styles were formed after WW2, Broadway theatre emerged from the Civil War, and we believe that the music industry is radically transforming amidst this war against a global pandemic. Sonik Philippines will not back down despite the current circumstances – THE INDUSTRY NEEDS THIS – NOW, MORE THAN EVER.”

After a successful Sonik 2019 last year, the National Commission for Culture & The Arts (NCCA) is once again partnering with Homonym, the nation’s premier music agency to stage a sequel. In order to push the music sector across all regions of the Philippines, as well as strengthen Philippine relations with more Ministries of Culture around the world, Sonik 2020 will be held this October 15-17, with up to 5 talks per day from established opinion leaders in the industry, as well as performances from local and international artists. “The NCCA first saw the need for more platforms for the Philippine music stakeholders in 2018, when they partnered with the Embassy of Spain in Manila in mounting the Posporos concerts…Sonik Philippines became an off-shoot from these collaborative projects, and will be a good venue to discuss current issues and trends in the country’s music industry,” says Anne Luis, Head of the International Affairs Office.

Music labels, agencies, artists and fans alike are invited to join this exciting event to discuss what’s next for the music industry, as well as connect the Philippine music community with each other and the world. The Sonik 2020 team will explore physical initiatives if COVID regulations relax in the coming months.

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