General Santos City, Philippines

Smow, an experimental-pop producer. Grew up in General Santos City with a family that loves music. Started out playing the drums at the 6th grade, but eventually decided to dedicate his life to becoming a full-time music producer after he graduated college because Smow had a mental illness, and producing music was the only thing that gave purpose and happiness to his life.

In his hometown, General santos, most of the people only embraced reggae, popular radio music and 90’s classic pop music, but it didn’t stop him from exploring different genres. He lived in Davao for 5 years to finish Bs Entrepreneurship. Davao’s culture was a huge impact to his growth and led Smow to become an experimental pop music producer.

When making music, Smow always steps out of his comfort zone because it gives him excitement. Always experimenting on sound designing and music arrangement.

He aims to become a revolutionary artist, always on the grind to reach that worldwide audience. Smow not only shares his music to you, but hopes to create an experience that’ll change a person’s life. Express his creativity to his live shows, continue creating authentic fresh music, and will forever surprise you and melt your faces off.



Experimental-pop, lo-fi, future bass, downtempo/electronica, indie type music