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Shye, an 18 year old who’s born and bred in the little red dot of Singapore, writes, records and produces all her music in her bedroom. Shy by nature, this is where she does not shy away from letting her imagination take flight and letting her thoughts and feelings take form through her music. She is happy not to keep to the script but to write her own rulebooks as she goes along. The process of this self expression is both comforting and exhilarating at the same time. Her wish is that her music not only entertains, but speaks to her listeners on some personal level.

With dance and theatre as her background rather than music, making music has turned out to be a happy accident and one that she’s forever thankful for. It can be somewhat challenging being a one man show but the joy of being able to share her music and play her lighthearted sets more than makes up for it. Being the opening act for her influences, such as Clairo, has just been one of those many unforgettable joys.

Shye’s 7 track debut EP “ Augus7ine ”, which was put together in under a month in 2018 for Vans Musicians Wanted in Singapore resulted in her being the youngest contestant to win it at 16. It gave her the opportunity to perform her first show at House of Vans Guangzhou and propelled her into the music scene in an unexpected way. Her styles have evolved and this is audibly reflected in Shye’s debut album of 14 tracks, “ days to morning glory ”, set for release on 11 December 2020.


Folk, techno, indie pop, R&B, modern rock


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