Rattanakosin Breakin Crew (รัตนโกสินทร์ เบรคคิน ครูว์)

Bangkok, Thailand

“Rattanakosin Breakin Crew”
is a Thai Funk / Rare Groove Instrumental Band from Zudrangma Records. Bangkok, Thailand.
The band was founded in 2019 by DJ Kanehbos (Zudrangma Records/ Toprock Thailand) and Trumpet player: Pariphon Dinlansagoon along with other 6 local Thai musicians.

The musical style of “Rattanakosin Breakin Crew” is called Thai Funk, a style which is a complex fusion of Jazz /Funk /Breaks /Psychedelic rock and Traditional Thai melodies and rhythms.
Incorporating elements of the ’60s – ’80s Thai traditional melodies & grooves such as LukThung /Molam /Lae /Talung and more. Mixed the sounds of Rare Ethno Grooves from all over the world such as Southeast Asian/ Indian/ Middle-East/ Latin/ Persian/ Reggae/ Afro beat and many more.
Cultural Assimilation into a new Contemporary Sounds of “Rattanakosin Breakin Crew”


Thai Funk /Rare Groove


Zudrangma Records


  1. Ratarut Siriwong (Artist name : Kanehbos)
    – Turntable (Scratch & Sound Effects) / Khlui Kai ( Thai Traditional Chicken Oboe) / Dan Moi (Vietnamese Jews Harp)
    & Percussion : Klong Banthoh (Thai Damaru Drum) / Ching (Thai Small Cymbals) / Southern Thai Gongs / Angklung / Bamboo & Metal Chimes / Bamboo & Wooden Cowbell / Bungkaka (Filipino Native Bamboo Buzzer) / Tambourine / Maracas / Caxixis / Seed Pod Rattle / Thunder Tube
  2. Pariphon Dinlansagoon
    – Trumpet / Accodion / Melodica / Harmonica / Shofar (Buffalo Horn)/ Khlui Nok ( Thai Traditional Bird Whistle) & Percussion : Charp (Thai Cymbals) / Timbales / Cowbell / A-Go-Go Bells / Bamboo Slit Drums / Bamboo Guiro
  3. Pheeradon Phimsuttikul
    – Trumpet / Shofar (Buffalo Horn) / Khlui Nok ( Thai Traditional Bird Flutes) & Percussion : Walet-hkok (Myanmar Traditional Bamboo Clapper) / Vibraslap / Shakers / Senh Tien (Vietnamese Traditional Wood Clapper,Rasp, and Jingle)
  4. Kraikrisda Prasansri
    – Trombone / Shofar (Buffalo Horn) & Percussion: Thai Gongs / Wooden Claves / Pu’Ili (Hawaiian Traditional Bamboo Clapper)
  5. Laphat Kromsri
    – E.Guitar / Taishogoto (Japanese Soprano Zither) & Percussions: Klong Yao (Thai Long Drum)
  6. Phollakrit Liankattawa
    – E.Bass / Bass Taishogoto (Japanese Bass Zither)
  7. Kanathat Rattanaampai
    – Drum set
  8. Thakoon Boonma
    – Conga / Taphon (Thai Barrel Drum) / Klong Yao (Thai Long Drum) / Khlui Pieng Or ( Thai Alto Flute) / Pi Pu Tai ( Northeast Thai Local Oboe)