Bangkok, Thailand

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Pyra is titled Apple Music Best New Artist 2016, Joox Spotlight Artist 2018, the winner of Sunkist Freshly Picked Music Contest 2018 and the first Thai artist to perform at Burning Man.

Swathed in the dark sounds of gold and hope, Thai songstress Pyra returns with her second EP “ Better Being: Suriya.” Combining ancient world sounds with modern electronic music, the lyrical siren radiates a radical elegance. The tracks boast chopped production that skips atop a vibrant beat like a stone on water. Stitched together with a DNA of ominous glamour, Pyra’s fluid, vocal strut can not be overstated. A labyrinth of digital production transforms into a mosaic colored by her seductive, stormy voice. Her coolness comes with a sense of wisdom, and ease. Lose yourself in this psychedelic crossover of temptation and rhythm.


Conscious Electronic Pop




  • Peeralada Sukawat (Pyra) – Vocal
  • Shaya Kambhu na Ayudhaya – Phin/Guitar
  • Michael Selby – Synth/Keys
  • Ralphy Sanchez – DJ
  • Thamarat Boakye – MC




  • Joox Spotlight Artist 2018
  • Apple Music New Artists Spotlight 2016
  • Winner of Sunkist Freshly Picked Contest 2018


Peeralada Sukawat (Pyra)

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