Non-Confined Space


非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space

Non-Confined Space is an electronic improv duo created by Sonic Deadhorse (Guitar, Electronic, Live Visual) and Minyen Hsieh (Saxophones, Woodwinds) in 2014. Each has been treading in the ponds called Experimental Electronica and Contemporary Jazz respectively for many years, now they are back with a bounty of brand new chops.

Between the spheres of free improvisation, jazz, trap, and musique concrète, lies Non-Confined Space. The name of this Taipei-based duo – saxophone polyglot Minyen Hsieh and audiovisual electronica experimentalist Ge-Chun Cheng (aka Sonic Deadhorse) – aptly describes their approach to exploring the fertile space they find themselves in. Drawing inspiration from their differing musical approaches and worlds, plus energy from the lively Taiwanese music scene, Non-Confined Space is a bold and future-facing hybrid. Cheng deploys piles of samples alongside Hsiehs versatile saxophone, re-sculpting the results into a sublime and boldly experimental debut album of beats and processed improvisations unlike anything youve heard before.

Taking its title from a philosophical textbook about free-jazz, Flow, Gesture, and Spaces is a revelatory introduction to the duo, mixing the utterly free improvisations of their live shows (exemplified with spontaneous straight-to-tape takes on two of the album’s ten tracks) with an approach to studio composition inspired by the philosophy of improvisation. Basic outlines – often borrowing chord movements from the likes of Coltrane and Wayne Shorter, or pulling beats from Cheng’s huge library – would be cut loose in studio sessions, later augmented by psychedelic post-production. Utilizing methodology from the eponymous book, Flow, Gesture, and Spaces is nonetheless based on “simple elements” as the duo put it, “rhythm, intervals, timbre, and energy.


  • Sonic Deadhorse (Guitar, Electronic, Live Visual)
    • This is a one-man band, but which also can be played around by joining many people. Because of being fascinated with “Sonic Youth,” because of having been hooked by “Guns N’ Roses,” and the most main reason is because of “Sonic Death Monkey”—the band formed by Barry, the lippy clerk of a record shop in my favorite novel “High Fidelity,” I grudgingly pay a tribute to the inexistent band by having the name Sonic Deadhorse.”
    • Its the music for lonely urban women and men, the youths captivated by literature and art, dumb rockers, and the crazy raversIts the music embracing indulgency of 70s, melancholy of 80s, nihilism of 90s, and isolation of the new century. It is post rock whimpers affecting
      sorrow violent electro, which is a smart-ass with poor.
    • As everything faded away with the booming bass drum of TR808, those belonging to love and ignorance of youth seemed to vanish and be gone with Truffauts films. After these indescribable sentiments being extracted, I finally decided to play this band sincerely.
    • Have a long term cooperative relations with Burma director Midi Z,and Variety said that Midi Z’s last film Poor Folk “ Have the excellent score by Sonic Deadhorse includes some terrific combinations of electronics and acoustic guitar.”
    • Now Sonic Deadhorse is a solo audio/visual controllerism artist since 2011
  • Minyen Hsieh (Saxophones, Woodwinds)
    • Minyen Hsieh is a highly regarded, award-winning Taiwanese saxophonist. The Taipei native, born in 1981, started to perform professionally at the age of 19, and the winner of Taichung Saxophone Competition in 2012. His strong improvisation skills and rich tone has made him a coveted player in several genres varying from: jazz, rock, folk, hip-hop, electronic to avant-garde. He regularly contributes to various jazz, pop and experimental projects in Taiwan.
    • His first record ”Firry Path” was the best-selling of the year in 2014. His second album “A Good As Water” is released in July 2018, Taiwan and Japan. The collaboration with Tokyo Chuo-Line: “Lines & Stains” has won the ”Best Instrumental Album” of 2019 Golden Melody Award in Taiwan. His electronic-experimental group Non-Confined Space, was the winner of “Best Instrumental Album Producer“ of 2020 Golden Melody Award.
    • His latest release is an acoustic quartet album “Invisible Steps” in 2020. 
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