My Life As Ali Thomas

Bangkok, Thailand


My Life As Ali Thomas didn’t have a beginning, though it took up to early 2013 for ‘Pie’ Kanyapak Wuttara to fully realize it was always there. The true meaning of Ali Thomas lies in Greek roots, which translates to ‘another twin’. This is the name she gave to the songstress in isolation, which she felt was in true contrast her waking life.

When the songs she created in her bedroom became concrete, so did Ali Thomas. Her acoustic guitar and soulful voice resonates a longing for creative realization and old lovers, and bleeds a refreshing emotional honesty.

In 2014, Kong Suvarnapradip, founder of Bangkok’s legendary indie bar Cosmic Café, introduced Pie to ‘Rack’ Wipata Lertpanya. This is when My Life As Ali Thomas took shape into its genre-bending form, combining Rack’s ambient, Brit rock style, to Pie’s folk sensibilities. Rack then brought over a drummer, and together with Pie formed a trio and was ready to perform live acts.

Three months later after a few shows in between, they played at Cosmic Café’s last event before they closed down. That same night, My Life As Ali Thomas was approached by Tigger Twins and invited to be apart of the burgeoning music label.

It wasn’t until later that bassist ‘Oak’ Chotiwat Phuripun joined the band, and transformed the scattered bits of folk and country rock into a more experimental sound. His smooth clouds of bass vibrations melded the sound together like glue. At that point My Life As Ali Thomas had stretched its final folk form and began to emerge as something else, something different. Though, it wasn’t until ‘Taw’ Wannaphong Jangbumrung who was later introduced as the band’s new drummer that finally finalized the band’s true sound. Taw’s strong sense of rock and stability have brought My Life As Ali Thomas a whole new sound and a whole new genre.

Mid 2015 after the release of two live sessions; ‘Lover to Lover’ and ‘All My Inventions,’ the road with Tigger Twins music label fell through, My Life As Ali Thomas was set to being an independent music group once again.



Alternative, Pop, Rock, Indie-Folk


Warner Music Thailand


  • Pie Kanyapak Wuttara
  • Rack Wipata Lertpanya
  • Taw Wannaphong Jangbumrung