MusicDish 独立小炒

Beijing, China

MusicDish*China 独立小炒 is a creative music agency based in Beijing, focused on producing and promoting live music events across China. Since producing its first tour during the Shanghai World Expo 2010 for Tomas Doncker, MusicDish*China has been developing and touring a growing roster of international artists, including award-winning acts Sugar BlueTom “The Suit” Forst, and Sturle Dagsland. Over the years, we’ve produced 6-8 tours annually, with most tours including events in 8-10 cities across China. For example in 2018, we organized events in 24 cities, including at festivals (OCT-Loft Jazz Festival in Shenzhen and Shunde, MTA FestivalFuNiushan College Student Music Festival, World Music AsiaYilong Country Music Festival, and Xiamen Chuan Jazz Festival), live houses, art spaces and shopping malls such as Beijing’s SOHO Galaxy and Shenzhen’s CITIC Plaza. MusicDish*China has also produced events in North America and Europe for some of the biggest names in the Chinese music world such as MaydayJolin Tsai, and Second Hand Rose.


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