Music from Okinawa

Okinawa, Japan

We would like to introduce the music of contemporary Okinawa.

The islands of Okinawa (Ryukyu), spread out between the Japanese mainland and Taiwan, have many types of rich and colorful music. The “sanshin”, a three-stringed instrument introduced from China in the 14th century; the “Ryukyu scale”, a music scale similar to that of Indonesia…Okinawan music has a level of originality not seen in other places.

While rooted in native traditions, Okinawan music has also been influenced by Japan, China, and other Asian countries. After World War II, Okinawan music was influenced by the occupying USA. Hawaii and South America, popular destinations for emigrants from Okinawa, also had an influence. All these factors combined to make Okinawan music develop in an extremely unique way, from a worldwide perspective.


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