Music Copyright (Thailand)

Music Copyright (Thailand) Ltd. or MCT is a society of Thai composers & authors, which aims to protect music copyright and supports composers & authors to pay attention along with manage their own works. MCT handles only musical work rights that might or might not have lyrics included.

MCT was established in year 1994, right after the Copyright Act. 1994 became effective and has been distributing Public Performance Rights’ royalty either from broadcasting or live performing in public or both to composers & authors who own the musical work rights.

In addition, MCT follows international principle of Collective Management of Author’s Society that is “non-profit”, the royalty collected from users will distribute to right owners who are member of MCT after fee deduction. The first distribution happened in year 1998 and has been continuing this practice since then.

However because of this “non-profit” principle management, MCT is the only society in Thailand that became a member of The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers: (CISAC), and has been signing Reciprocal Agreement with other societies worldwide. Besides protecting rights of Thai composers & authors, MCT is able to take care right of international composers & authors in Thailand because of the Reciprocal Agreement. On top of that, works of MCT members will be protected in other territories as well.


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