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When most people think of Singapore, they think of a squeaky clean city. But beneath this sparkling exterior of glass and steel, a fledgling indie band is trying to find their voice and place in this unabashedly consumerist society. These guys call themselves M1LDL1FE, a play on the word ‘wildlife’, and there is something unsettling about their intense yet subdued energy, much like the city they come from.

M1LDL1FE (pronounced “mild-life”)cuts across the indie-pop grain, weaving together lush electronic textures and eclectic dance grooves into the pop sensibilities of guitar-driven indie music of the early 2000s. The band consists of bassist David Siow, drummer Jeryl Yeo, guitarist Tan Peng Sing, and Paddy Ong (formerly of Run Neon Tiger) as their front-man. First conceived as a university hall cover band, they wrote their first originals in college dorm basements, garnering attention with their brazen indie-rock pop sound and energetic live shows. With the successful launch of their first EP ‘PAIRS’ and their hit singles ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Ariel’,  they were slated to be “one of the most exhilarating new acts to emerge from Singapore’s burgeoning indie-pop scene” by JUICE Magazine. The quintet soon found themselves touring in parts of Southeast Asia, China, and Spain between 2014-2016 while opening for venerable acts like Walk the MoonTravis, and Death Cab for Cutie back in Singapore.

Armed with a fresh and grittier sonic palette, the four-piece released their second EP ‘M1LDL1FE’ to a sold out launch show in Singapore on 5 Aug 2017. The lead single ‘Distraction’ was also picked up internationally by DORK and Clash Magazine (UK) and numerous other music magazines across Southeast Asia.  Their latest achievements include headlining for Ignite Festival 2018, SHINE Festival 2018, and performing for Singapore’s National Day Parade 2018, and the Singapore Grand Prix in September 2018. In the 2018 COMPASS awards, they also won Top Local English Pop Song award for ‘In Your Arms’ and the Young Artiste of the Year award. The band is set to release their debut album in 2020.




Indie pop


Where Are The Fruits


  • Paddy (Lead Vocals)
  • David (Bass)
  • Peng Sing (Guitar)
  • Jeryl (Drums)






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