Lunadira & Reddi Rocket


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Following up from their summer earworm “Hoodie“, Lunadira and Reddi Rocket are set to release their joint EP ‘Tangerine‘ on 27th November. Sweet and sticky, just like the fruit, the aftertaste of the EP ‘Tangerine’ will linger even as the last note fades.

This EP reinforces something that has been true throughout Lunadira’s musical journey: her biggest strength is her storytelling. The same can be said for Reddi Rocket, where it seems that his role as a producer and featured vocalist aid in painting the perfect imagery of their shared intimate narrative.

‘Tangerine‘ is all about fleeting moments in time that leave long-lasting impressions. Lunadira shares, “This Tangerine-tinted world Reddi Rocket and I created for ourselves during the pandemic was the product of personal longing and hope. We’re hoping it takes you on a journey of emotional release from the moment you lock eyes on that stranger, to the aching pain you feel when it’s time to let them go. There are several layers to peel off this EP, and most of it is bittersweet.”


  • Lunadira
    • Ethereal. Velvety. Saccharine. There are some of the adjectives used to describe Lunadira’s singing when they hear her for the first time, and that’s how she captivates you, reeling you in slowly into her dreamy world just by the soft tugs of her voice. Be it captivating the audience at large festivals such as Good Vibes or Urbanscapes, to a more intimate session at gig houses, Lunadira stands tall in front of the audience. Confidence unwavering, matched to an incredibly powerful ability to mesmerise the crowd as she shines brightly in the spotlight.
  • Reddi Rocket 
    • Jimmy Azli is finally ready to emerge with a guitar in hand, steadily paving his way into the foreground as a fledging vocalist whose repertoire includes DJ-ing for some of the most well-known venues spread across Southeast Asia to an accomplished producer behind the scenes in the studio. He has already put out his first single titled, “Lotto”, a hymn that speaks of the thrill in pursuing things that aren’t necessarily good for you. As a result, his accumulated dexterity brought him to collaborate with Lunadira, balancing each other in perfect unison.


Indie pop, electronic