Lovers & Lollypops

Porto, Portugal

  • Uncompromisingly eclectic, Lovers & Lollypops is a collective based on the objectives of the promotion of the DIY culture, interconnecting diverse spectrums of art and creativity, from music to visual arts, from experimental to traditional approaches, through the idealization and curation of concerts, parties or festivals and/or releasing albums created by emerging artists.
  • L&L’s work is strongly supported by a strongly connected national context that acts as a catalyst for the constant search, participation and interaction between different artists, agents, collectives and structures; thus, contributing to the development cultural communications, both within and outside national borders.
  • L&L is also responsible for essential independent festivals such as Milhões de Festa in Barcelos (since 2006) and Tremor in São Miguel – an island of the Azores Archipelago (since 2013).

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