Irama Pantai Selatan

Jakarta, Indonesia


Back in 2017, Arief and Sigit randomly met since they did not have any communication for 2 years. After many discussions, they had an idea to start a musical duo called “Irama Pantai Selatan” with Ukulele as their main instrument. The artist name of the duo means “a Sound from Southern Beach” where the Southern Beach is a famous beach in Indonesia with a lot of cultural heritage that is in line with their musical spirit and identity.

Irama Pantai Selatan grows without any identical genre and yet they chose “Maritime Folk” as their own genre since they are very inspired by the ambient sounds of calm waves and seagulls while sitting by the beach. Through this band, Irama Pantai Selatan also have a commitment that all of their original songs will be in the Indonesian Language and will cover 50-60s Indo Pop music, for instance: Adikarso, Soejoso Karsono, Bing Slamet, Orkes Tropicana, etc. to promote old songs from Indonesia. This spirit come from an idea that Indonesia has its own character in Music since 50s and not young people whom appreciate it.



Maritime Folk




  • Arief Fauzan Vibriansyah – Lead Vocal, Ukulele
  • Sigit Ezra Prayoga – Backing Vocal, Ukulele




General Manager (Cathy)

  • (+62) 856 9423 6132

Road Manager (Yose)