Golden Melody Awards & Festival (GMA)

Taipei, Taiwan

GMA (Golden Melody Awards & Festival)
The GMA is a multi-event musical celebration featuring mainly the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Melody Festival. It is held every year in June in Taipei, Taiwan.

Originally named Golden Melody Music Week at its grand launch in 2010, the Festival was a national consumer showcase- and performance-based event in Taiwan for the general public. In 2014, the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture, transformed the event into an international intermediary for industrial and commercial showcasing and officially titled the event Golden Melody Festival to merge with Golden Melody Awards for the first time in the hope for bringing GMA under the international spotlight.

Prior to the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony, a series of events take place during a span of three days, including international conferences, networking sessions, business matching center, exhibition and showcases. Invitees come from Asia, Europe and the Americas and consist of key figures in the record, performance, artist agency, international news and television industries, as well as international buyers and musicians. The aim is to facilitate business exchange between Taiwan and the world and make the event an important business platform in Asia.

Organizer: Bureau of Audiovisual and Music industry Development, MOC
Executive Organizer: TAIWAN TELEVISION, LTD
Cooperation: Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan


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