Bangkok, Thailand

Starting out as a crazy idea to create a music streaming platform for Thai indie music in early 2014 with of 2 graphic designers, 3 software developers and 1 community manager in mid-2014, our team steadily grew with volunteers, interns, and part-time and full-time employees. Now, our full-time staff population has grown to more than 40 people with an average age of around 25 – many of us being avid music fans and some are even established indie musicians.

Fungjai, the company, is a music-technology startup based in Bangkok, Thailand, but we are much more than that. Fungjai is a community of music lovers – whether creators, listeners, professionals or enthusiasts of not only from Thailand, but from all over the world – who engage, interact and communicate with each other on our multiple online platforms and participate in our various offline activities, including a music streaming platform; an online magazine; social media channels; a concert organizing unit; an education activities unit; a live musician booking platform for events and parties; a music marketing agency, etc.

The co-founders of Fungjai agreed since the beginning that there are several problems in the fast and ever evolving music industry – one of them being that most independent musicians do not earn enough to make a living. With one of the co-founders having a background in sustainable development, Fungjai’s goals have always been to contribute to the sustainable development of the music industry and helping the independent musician become a sustainable career. However, we know that we alone cannot achieve those goals without help, so we have been connecting and partnering with music-related businesses, organizations and communities in Thailand and all around the globe who share the same values.

We have become one of Thailand’s leading indie and non-mainstream music platforms and communities. Our next dream is to become a regional platform for Southeast Asia’s local music communities and contribute to the sustainable development of the region’s music industry.  In 2018, we have launched an operation with a local representative in Jakarta, Indonesia to create a stronger relationship with Indonesia’s local music communities.  For 2019, we will be organizing Thailand’s first music conference and showcase festival – Bangkok Music City, which will be held between 1-3 November 2019.

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