Jakarta, Indonesia

The trio format in the band might look familiar, but the combination of these three women who play rock n ‘roll make it extraordinary. FLEUR! is a music group consisting of three female musicians; Tanya (guitar, vocals, Tika (drums, vocals) and Yuyi (bass, vocals). This rock n ‘roll trio comes to give a fresh breath with rock n’ roll songs with energy and a mix of modern-classical tune.

It all started in 2017 when the Europalia festival was held. This arts festival in Belgium asked music curators from Indonesia to create a tribute music group for Dara Puspita, the legendary rock n ‘roll unit from Indonesia who has a large fan base in Europe. At that time, music curator Ubiet Raseuki chose David Tarigan to form this tribute. Long story short, Tanya Ditaputri, Tika Pramesti, Rika Putrianjani, and Yuyi Trirachma finally gathered and formed a group called Flower Girls.

Performing in Belgium and England for the Europalia festival, Flower Girls have received positive responses from European and Indonesian music lovers. Upon returning from the European tour, Flower Girls began to explore stages after stage in Indonesia – from the Merchandise Day owned by The Adams to the return of the legendary We Are Pop! By Hey Folks.

After the Europalia project, Tanya, Tika Rika and Yuyi decided to continue the journey – with new material and a new name: FLEUR!. But amidst of the album recording process, Rika decided to left and FLEUR! decided to continue with the trio format.

After a recording process that took almost two years, FLEUR! released their first single “Muka Dua” in March 2020 and followed by their second single “Lagu Lama” in September 2020.


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