Bangkok, Thailand

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“Flickering light that sparks the musical world”

Electric.neon.lamp may sound like everyday home appliances but the meaning of the band’s name goes much deeper than that. The three words represent the bright, energetic personalities of the five members of the band. Despite their age differences, the band members’ joint passion for music bursts from the speakers when you listen to their their songs. The group comprises Janesakda “Jane” Jarana (vocalist), Tanpan “Tan” Kanacharoen (guitarist), Watanyoo “Tae” Suriyawong (bassist), Ratcha “Pak” Wattanajittranont (drummer), and Keeta “Un” Wangkajornwutthisak

The little details in Electric.neon.lamp’s music makes them stand out from your typical pop-rock groups. The lyrics are peppered with metaphors
and rhetorical elements. The band members’ characters shine through their music which makes them stand out amongst Thai and international

The band first caught fans’ attention with the release of Toe Tee Rai (เธอที่ร้าย) in 2011 with its fresh and unique sound. Over the past seven years
they have become one of the most memorable live bands in Thailand. Electric.neon.lamp’s list of hit songs includes “Pawinee” (ภาวิณี), “Telepathy”
(โทรจิต) and “Nang Rong” (นางรอง), and in 2018 they released their latest studio album, How to Disappoint Your Parents, with new eight songs adding to the list of fan favourites!

They may have started out as a flickering light in the music world, but electric.neon.lamp are now ready to shine bright and take their music to another level – on the international stage.




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  • Janesakda Jarana “Jane” (vocalist)
  • Tanpan Kanacharoen “Tan”(guitarist)
  • Watanyoo Suriyawong “Tae” (bassist)
  • Ratcha Wattanajittranont “Pak” (drummer)
  • Keeta Wangkajornwutthisak “Un” (guitarist)