Bangkok, Thailand

“Irresistible modern Thai disco-floor stompers with a dazzling mixture of Western rock influences and Thai Northeast country groove”

‘Diaries’, the Bangkok psych-rock trio, has been cooking music together since they were in high school. They fought their way up in 2017, receiving the ‘Tiger Jams2’ winner award and ‘Fungjai 2017 Best New Artist Award’. They finally became the artist of LOVEiS Entertainment in 2018 and released their first single ‘เซิ้ง’ the year after.

On their debut track “เซิ้ง”, Diaries immediately strikes from the beginning with a solid bar of unison. Dueling guitar riffs then followed along with infectious bassline. Jiggling synth and percussion were also added to make it sounds more bouncy in the verses. The unique vocal accent and the use of age-old Thai words certainly make a memorable impression. The following singles like ‘ดอกร้าย’, ‘ลับตา’ and soon-to-be released ‘เธอรู้ไหม’ clearly got Diaries’s signature in each of them.


Psychedelic Rock


LOVEiS Entertainment


  • Tanachot Kanjanavijit (Arm) – Singer/Guitar
  • Kundis Hirunyashthiti (K) – Bass
  • Pitan Kunsorn (Game) – Drums