deepsea drive machine

Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

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Shinya Nishi(Bass) and Kohtaro Uno(guitar) started the band in1998. They were musically inspired by CAN, Underground Resistance and many hard core punk bands.

After making some demo tapes,1st album titled “SAION” released from the label called “LORCA” that owned by Disk Union in Feb 2002.

deepsea drive machine dealed with CS LABEL of Daiki Sounds and released EP titled “SONAR FOR LIFE” in May 2005.

deepsea drive machine dealed with GALACTiKA of dub inc and released 1st Full album titled “FORMA” in May 2006.

In 2008, Shinya started self-label “Parabolica Records” with Jun Izawa (LITE) and released CDs of Adebisi Shank (Ireland) and Marvins Revolt (Denmark). deepsea drive machine and these bands toured in Japan in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Parabolica Records continue to release CDs constantly, Adebisi Shank’s 1st album “This is the album of a band called adebisi shank”(PRBL-0003), Tera Melos’s Japanese version CD “Drugs / Complex”(RDCP-1001) and Marvins Revolt’s 1st album “Patrolling the heights”(RDCP-1003).

deepsea drive machine recorded 5 songs for new EP named “Wayless”. This EP was produced by deepsea drive machine and a genius man Kaoru Miura(Oak). All songs were mixed and mastered by Kaoru Miura at Shirogane No Mori Studio. This EP was released from Parabolica Records in April 2010, and the band will join a big festival in Thailand called “Fat Festival” in November 2010 with the EP.


Rock + Electronica

Record Label

Parabolica Records


Band Members

  • Shinya Nishi – Bass
  • Kohtaro Uno – Vocal/Guitar
  • Kazu Hirota – Guitar
  • Rio Yamauchi – Drums


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