Bangkok, Thailand

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DCNXTR Pronounced De Connextor is an Electronic Music Project created with the passion of Synthesizers








  • Charlie Nipanan : Synthesizers
  • Pirunpa Kalasanimi : Synthesizers & Vocals




De connextor or simply DCNXTR is an electronic act that explores the dichotomy between dream pop and soothing dream-like atmospheric synthetic sounds filled with energy and exquisitely laid melody.

DCNXTR was formed when two members from electronic rock band “Revenge Of The Cybermen”; Charlie de Nipanan and Piruntar Kalasanimi realized they had a common philosophy when it came to music.

The duo began playing music individually from the age of five an a half, their first instrument being the piano. With strong support from their families they continued their passionate endeavour and studied all the different genres of music through out their years. Over time their interest and love for electronic music became a source of great inspiration which resulted in numerous experimentation with different synthetic sounds.

DCNXTR took a long hiatus when Charlie traveled abroad to continue his studies in the States during which the two continued their collaboration via email. Upon finishing his studies abroad, it came time for the duo to continue where they left off.

DCNXTR’s first live performance since their reunion was arranged by Chawanet Asanasen “DjC” who kindly invited them to perform for an event he was hosting. The duo prepared a DJ set infused with live performance and this marked the turning point when the two realize that DCNXTR should reinvent their live performances.

Today, DCNXTR has two new members; Kittipong OJMAH Chearananta who has taken on Synthesizers and Mont LINGDUM Watanasiriroch, the visualizer for the group.

‘Beautiful Moment’ is their first single after the band’s reunion and the song represents their best times together and the vitality of DCNXTR.