Seoul, South Korea

We are a four-piece band that resides in Seoul, South Korea that started recklessly just by the sole purpose of wanting to make music without any specifications on what kind of music we were planning to make. It might mean that we were young and full of energy.

The band started out with two frontline members, Kim Ji-Ae(vocal/guitar) and Lee Seung-Hyun(drum). While testing out their luck with numerous members, they finally resided with the current member Lee Joseph(guitar) and started out their journey with their 2016 EP [Island of Each] and later by the joining of Noh Keo-Hyun(bass).

During 2019, the band planned their global debut by having tours in Liverpool and London, UK, Poland, and Mongolia which allowed them to grow furthermore.

“During the forming of the band, we could have never imagined the type of music we would have come up with. But by growing slowly but surely, thanks to all the support, we finally became a team with a unique, sparkly, and beautifully exploding energy at the stage we perform in. We are still moving forward and we might become something else but Dabda is surely to remain as a strong image derived from the clash of each members’ state of mind.”


  • Vocal & Guitar – Kim Ji-Ae
  • Drums – Lee Seung-Hyun
  • Guitar – Lee Joseph
  • Bass – Noh Keo-Hyun


Math rock, post rock


Rock Records / Tron Music





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