Comet Records

Bangkok, Thailand

We are Bangkok Independent alternative electronic pop music label comprised of
  • Morg (Chill wave/Electronic pop)
  • Casinotone (Soul pop/House/Indie dance)
  • Fourtwosixx (Electronic pop)
  • Orbital XX (Deep house / Indie groove)
  • Parim (Indie pop)
  • Perfectly Casual (Electronic Pop)
  • Ten Layers of Air (Downtempo / Future Soul)
  • Eaowen (Alternative Pop)
  • Yuppadee (Future soul / R&B electronic)
  • Sawat (Future bass music)
  • Silver Moony Fish (Dream pop)
  • Patchr (Pop)
  • KRITZ (Soul pop)
  • Deep Sky Object (Dream pop / Chill beat)
  • Varut(Electronica)
  • Rushyellow (Tech house / pop)
  • Friendzone (Slacker rock / Alternative)

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Jakchai ‘Tung’ Panchanon

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