South Korea

Looking into Cadejo, the members’ individual career stands out first. Taehun Lee, guitar, has played in Second Session, Helllivision, Hwabun, Teho, Beheaded, and many other bands and once starting to count his session works with artists like Zion T or Samuel Seo, the catalogue grows even more extensive. This is a proof that Taehun is a competent and an highly original musician. His spectrum spans from jazz to samba and his take on them is genuinely his own. Jaeho Kim, bass, shares similar passion. From Windy City to Third Chair, from raggae to folk-rock, Jaeho takes control over any genre and he continues to perform with his famous command, steady yet ever so dynamic, in Cadejo. The latest addition, Davin Kim, drums, has played from big band jazz outfit JHG to Madchester style rock band Fling and has been asserting his potential as an all-round player. With so much on their plate, it seems a real challenge to have three of them in one place; however they managed to start a band and released an album.

They just won Vans’ Musician Wanted Korea and continues to attract media platforms such as Onstage while enjoying a growing popularity with their new album ‘FREESUMMER’.





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