Arvid Nero has been described as the missing link between Marlon Williams and Ryley Walker, but with his own expression.

He made his solo debut back in 2017 by releasing ”Introducing Arvid Nero”, and the single “Jesus Knocking” was aired on swedish radio P4 for several months followed by “Bored with clay”.

His debut album ”Mother Earth” (produced by Johan Håkansson) got lovely reviews in Swedish media.

In the beginning of this year Arvid was nominated in Sweden at Manifestgalan 2019 in the category singer/songwriter and for Gaffa priset 2019 – ”Upcoming artist”.

The self produced ep, “Takeaway people and Papercup Beggars” was recorded in Gothenburg in the fall of 2018.

The sound effects that take place around the song and guitar on the ep, is meant to give the impression of fantasies, and the lyrics tend to tell melancholic stories about things Arvid observes in his surroundings.

Arvid was supporting act on Albin Lee Meldaus sold out winter tour, and he played at Spot festival (Denmark) and Öyanatt (Norway) follwed by several festivals in Sweden this summer.

Arvid is currently working on an album that will be released next year (2020).

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